Vertical platform lifts can help those with mobility issues move safely between floors

Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) can be a mobility and safety game-changer for anyone who needs to be able to move safely up or down as little as a few feet or up to two levels in any building. We know. As CAP (Certified Aging in Place) specialists, we’ve seen many family members delighted with how simple our lifts are to operate — and how safe.

To many of our customers, VPLs are a “God-send,” removing the worry and strain of homecare mobility and adding an element of accessibility to offices, apartments and public buildings.

Operating much like an elevator, VPLs are infinitely safer than rolling a wheelchair up or down a ramp. With a lift, your wheelchair, power scooter or power chair comfortably fits into the lift, close the door, and push a button. A VPL will safely take you up or down multiple levels and take up much less space than a ramp.

Safe and convenient for both patient and caregiver, vertical platform lifts are also quite versatile:

  • They can be installed indoors as well as outdoors
  • Installed in commercial or home settings
  • They can also be configured and customized to suit every conceivable aesthetic or building circumstance.
  • Easy operation – keyless on-board controls
  • Emergency back-up systems including a DC battery in the event of a power failure
  • VPLs hold up to 750 pounds

101 Mobility is able to tuck lifts unobtrusively into homes where guests aren’t even aware of its existence. We recently installed two VPLs into two garages because there was not enough space to install a lift. And, just last summer we installed several vertical lifts outside at a national golf tournament to accommodate guests with disabilities (see photo).

Whatever your specific requirements, 101 Mobility has the VPL brand, look and size to suit your needs. And, like every high quality accessibility and mobility item we carry, our VPLs are backed by 101 Mobility’s one-year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Knowing that removes worry and strain from our customer’s plate as well.







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