Taking time for those dealing with aging in place

101 Mobility of Indianapolis Team

101 Mobility of Indianapolis Team


“It is not uncommon for adult children of aging parents to be surprised at how long it takes their parents to come to terms with needing some sort of mobility assistance,” says Kerry Thomas, co-owner, along with her husband Jon, of 101 Mobility in Indianapolis.

“It can take two months, three months, sometimes more, for seniors to get their heads around the idea that their physical abilities have changed and that they may need permanent physical assistance to get around. We never want to rush that judgment time. It’s important, especially for seniors aging in place. We want to honor that.”

That’s why 101 Mobility offers to come out and help assess the senior’s home (for aging in place) or senior’s children’s home (when parents are being moved in). It’s always a free home visit and recommendations can be provided to insure safety and mobility.

“I want to be able to offer suggestions and options based on the actual layout of the home and the physical needs of the seniors themselves,” says Jon Thomas.

“We expect to have multiple conversations with new customers before any decision is made on what type of mobility options are needed,” Jon adds. “There are questions about safety and ease of operation for seniors, questions about how recommended products will fit the allocated space in the home, and questions about cost. It takes time to think through all that for adult children moving parents into their home.”

“Making any decision involving the health and safety of those you love is going to be emotionally charged. We welcome lots of questions, follow ups and multiple visits. At the end of the day, we want happy, safe and satisfied customers that can enjoy independence and active lives.”

                  – Jon & Kerry Thomas, Indianapolis 101 Mobility owners




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