When you need quick help setting up your home for someone with temporary disabilities, 101 Mobility can help

Joan M. knows a little something about dealing with the unexpected. When her 40-something husband had a stroke, her family’s life turned upside down in an instant. For weeks, she had been completely preoccupied with her husband’s physical and medical care at the hospital. Now her husband was coming home and she had a whole new kind of stress. She was overwhelmed with questions on how to prepare for his home care…

  • How would her husband navigate his wheelchair from their driveway into the house?
  • What kind of bed would he need for comfort for his home recovery?
  • How would she move him from his bed to his wheel chair, or help him safely bathe?

At 101 Mobility Indianapolis, we know your life may already be overflowing with important financial, physical and medical concerns. We want you to know that talking with us will not add to your stress. We can provide detailed answers to your physical needs questions, and in many cases can discuss temporary or permanent home care equipment options you may not even know exist.

Like Joan, your mobility needs can be both pressing and short-term. We want you to know that won’t be a problem. Not only is renting cost effective, but with 101 Mobility Indianapolis, it also comes with excellent service.

  • Need to rent an patient lift? We can have it delivered and installed within a week.
  • What about navigating outside entryway stairs? There are temporary ramps that can be safely and professionally installed in virtually any configuration.
  • Even stairlifts can also be temporarily installed in a wide variety of spaces.
  • We have grab bars for shower stalls and hallways in styles that keep the interior of your home from looking like a hospital.

Give us a call so we can help you determine what equipment best meets your needs. We want to take this worry off your shoulders so you can concentrate on helping your family member come home to comfort.


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