When your mobility needs are temporary

 Home accessibility needs can be temporary for a variety of reasons. Knowing you can rent what you need only while you need it can be very helpful. Sean’s heartfelt story is one example.

“My mother had multiple procedures for her late-stage cancer diagnosis, but wasn’t going to get any better. I traveled across the country to be by her side. Her final wish was to be with her family in her own home in the short time she had left, rather than stay in a medical facility. I wanted to do everything I could to accommodate her wishes.”

“Once I settled into the guest room, I got busy making sure Mom’s house would be as accessible to her as possible. I had ten days before she would be released to my care. Although I had no idea where to begin, I did know it would be a challenge getting Mom in and out of her house since she lived in a tri-level. She also had three cement steps to navigate from the walkway up to her home’s front porch landing.”

“Not only did I not know what I needed, I wasn’t sure how long we would need it. I had no idea how to proceed or what was available. Most of all, I needed information about how Mom’s tri-level stairs and front entry could be accommodated, as I worried they were going to be a huge obstacle to her care.”

We get frazzled calls from concerned family members like Sean frequently. They are stressed and need help quickly. Sean had no idea that he could rent a sturdy straight rail stair lift to help get his Mom safely and securely up and down from the main floor to her bedroom. That, together with a rented short portable ramp from the driveway up the front porch steps, made trips back and forth to the hospital much, much easier for Sean and his sisters.

“I can’t tell you how much those two rented pieces of equipment helped my sisters and I take care of Mom without her falling, or one of us getting hurt trying to carry her.”

– Sean F, Carmel, Indiana

When someone in your family is recuperating from surgery or home for hospice, everything in your world can change very quickly. It’s good to know there is a locally managed company that can help provide the mobility solutions you need to make everyday living easier and more manageable. We are happy to help.

– Kerry and Jon Thomas, 101 Mobility, Indianapolis


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