Here’s what happened when we moved Mom & Dad in with our family

This is a story about an aging father with early onset Alzheimer’s and Rheumatoid arthritis. ‘Dad’ happily moved in to his adult daughter’s busy home, full of active children and grandchildren. Dad loved nature, but could not access the walk-out finished basement to walk among the inviting trees and gardens outside.

Mom has a heart condition. Getting back upstairs after enjoying her daughter’s family get-togethers in the basement “rec room” was a major problem for her. She was unsteady on the steps, and climbing made her very short of breath. She hated having to ask her grandsons to help carry her back upstairs.

This was Patricia Sullivan’s dilemma when she contacted us. She had successfully moved both her aging parents into her home and was pleased with how everyone had managed the move – with one exception. It quickly became apparent that her parents were not able to enjoy family gatherings downstairs in the rec room. Patty wanted her parents to be able to access the entire home and that just wasn’t possible without a lot of stress, worry and physical effort.

Because Patty is does accounting work for her family business, she is a researcher. She went on line to find the best “aging in place specialists” in Indianapolis. She found three companies, and after some research, invited 101 Mobility and another company into her home for advice and estimates.

She liked the information and explanations she received from 101 Mobility. “Jon Thomas was amazing,” Patty remarked. “He showed me exactly how a Bruno straight stair lift would fit in my home to help both my parents. He worked up a quote (which he stuck to) on the spot. I lost faith in the other company. They told me my staircase was unusually long and kept modifying their original quote, adding charges for this and that. In the end, I just didn’t trust them.”

The end result of 101 Mobility’s Bruno stair lift installation provided a happy ending to Patty Sullivan’s multi-generational family story – which now includes both her parents at every family event downstairs.

 “The stair lift operates surprisingly easily for both my parents,” Patty said. “I showed my father how to use it once, and because the operation is intuitive, Dad picked it up right away. He began using the stair lift the very next morning. He loves the freedom it gives him to enjoy being outside – particularly this time of year. Mom doesn’t care for technology, and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to operate the lift by herself. To date, she has not had a problem using it to safely get upstairs. She is thrilled she doesn’t have to ask her grandsons to help carry her back upstairs anymore.”

Patricia’s story is not unusual. We love finding accessibility solutions to enable families like Patty’s to do more together. It really is the reason we are in this business.

– Kerry Thomas, Indianapolis 101 Mobility co-owner




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