Why certifications are so important in our business

101 Mobility carries a couple of vital certifications beside our name: HME and CAPS. These accreditations are not mandatory, but they are extremely important.

Why? Unless you have had misfortune to work with a non-accredited medical equipment company, you may not know. Unfortunately, we hear from customers who have purchased medical equipment from unlicensed, unaccredited companies that will curl your hair. For instance, equipment that was

  • installed incorrectly, unsafely or even backwards
  • did not meet recommended weight specifications
  • did not have sufficient warranties, or
  • the product itself was poor quality.

Frequently, 101 Mobility gets calls from these customers because the unlicensed company they first dealt with cannot — or are unwilling to — fix or service their product. Many of these companies are not even based in the Indianapolis area so they hire outside contractors to install and sell their product.

When we come out to look at these situations, we have a tough time understanding the mindset of the installers. Mobility and accessibility equipment should be there to help people make their lives easier, not present further hurdles to individual’s financial situation and physical well being.

101 Mobility is locally owned and operated. Each of our Mobility Specialists is factory-trained and certified. We are also licensed and registered in the State of Indiana as a Home Medical Equipment Service Provider (HME). Our HME certification means we can recommend, rent, sell, deliver, service, maintain, and install any special medical equipment prescribed by a health care provider to “sustain, restore or supplant a vital bodily function.”

To hold this certificate, 101 Mobility has:

  • a physical facility and medical equipment inventory located in Indiana
  • been inspected by an Indiana Board of Pharmacy Compliance officer
  • holds liability insurance
  • taken over 200 hours of certification classes
  • holds certification letters from each of the companies whose products we represent.

We are also a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), meaning our team has the technical, business management, and customer service skills essential to recommend and safely and securely install the right home modifications for aging-in-place.

Our CAPS designation offers our clients what they need most: reassurance that we know what we are talking about. We can help them make the choices that will help them stay in their homes safely and securely.

So when 101 Mobility says we stand behind everything we sell, we mean it. From our recommendations, to product special orders, to installations, to any fine tuning needed next month or four years from now, it’s our business to keep your home as accessible and workable for you and your family as is possible.


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