Caring for aging parents who come live with you

Caring for an aging relative is a great way to give back some of the love, care and nurturing they have provided to you. But, as any caregiver can attest, it’s also a lot of work and requires some real preparation for your senior’s needs as well as for your family’s needs.

101 Mobility can help you prepare your home for mom and/or dad to move in. As Certified Aging in Place Specialists, we have helped dozens of families in all kinds of situations, so we know what products can help with accessibility and mobility. We also know what brands to avoid, and can help provide information on installations and cost projections. We can even walk you through what product brands and models would be a good match for you and your parents, and provide sources for payment plans, if needed.

Our number one recommendation? Do plenty of research before the move in. You want to be well prepared for this important lifestyle change.

If you are beginning to make arrangements for a senior move in, please consider talking to us well ahead of time. We will listen, evaluate, and then help recommend optimal solutions for your family’s needs.

101 Mobility offers FREE home evaluations. We can offer ideas, recommendations and cost estimates that will make your planning a lot easier – and keep you from making costly mistakes. And because we are a locally owned and operated company, we can be available throughout the entire process to make the transition worry-free.

Here are some questions we often ask homeowners:

  • What physical limitations (including fading eyesight) does your older adult have?
  • How can you help assure everyone in your family will have a level of privacy they will be comfortable with?
  • What large and small renovations will be necessary to make your parents feel safe, accessible and mobile?
  • Can you place your older adult on the main level?
  • If that’s not possible, you may wish to consider putting in an automatic stair lift. Today’s models are sturdy and can be specifically designed to work with just about any type of staircase.
  • If you have steps leading up to your front door, can you add a ramp to make a senior’s scooter or a wheel chair easier to navigate into the home? Ditto for deck or garage access.
  • Is there a bathroom available on the floor the older adult will be living on? Is it big enough to handle a walker, scooter or wheelchair, if necessary?
  • Does the bathroom have grab bars near the commode and in the shower? Does the shower have a seat?

So, before you make any decision with your aging parent, talk to us. We can make suggestions, provide on the spot answers to your questions, and often make a recommendation or two that can save you time, aggravation and money, and help keep your parents safe.




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