Aging in place is trending

“Many homeowners are hoping to make their surroundings easier to manage and safer in case they or a family member have health problems,” according to a recent Associated Press (AP) news article. “They’re replacing bathtubs with walk in showers, installing safety rails, widening doorways and building ramps – features know as “universal design” since they can be used by anyone, regardless of physical ability.”

According to AP writer Joyce M. Rosenberg, this trend is known as aging in place,” which she calls “an alternative to moving to smaller quarters or a warmer climate.”

As a state Certified Aging in Place Specialist, 101 Mobility has noticed this trend take off across the country. The oldest of the 76.4 million ‘boomers’ turn 71 this year, and together with homeowners 55 and over, this group accounts for more than half of all home improvements. Some younger remodelers are also contributing to that trend. They anticipate their parents coming to live with them at some point, and want to be ready.

If you find yourself in either group, it’s good to know that changes made to your home with an eye to aging in place are helping with resale value. According to AARP magazine, “Universal design features are not just trending, they are features many homeowners actively seek out.”

So, if you are a Baby Boomer, go ahead and widen access doors and add handrails to hallways, bathrooms, even garage entryways. Consider adding ramps from the driveway to the front porch or the back deck, too.

101 Mobility is here to help make aging in place work for you and your family. We carry well constructed, reputable brands in all kinds of beautiful designs, all with full warranties. We can even do special orders to work with the design needs of your home or your particular health needs.

Each aging in place upgrade can make your life a little easier now, and a whole lot easier later. And, should you need to sell your home down the road, you’ll know the high quality aging in place features 101 Mobility installs and stands behind now, may actually add to the sales ability of your home in the future.

At 101 Mobility, our goal is to help keep our customers like you as active, safe and mobile as possible – right in your existing home.










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